Inside the OSINT Operation Getting Foreign Students Out of Ukraine

Track 2 - Savannah

Thu, 30 Jun 2022 @ 16:15:00

Most of the OSINT operations in Ukraine revolve around battle locations and military technology intelligence. However, imagine for a moment waking up to shelling and unable to escape an active war zone with roads land mined and Russian troops closing in. Now imagine you’re a black or brown international student from the global south in Sumy or Kherson Ukraine. Using OSINT, closed intelligence and hacker skills have been crucial in evacuating the most vulnerable from an active war zone. While up against Russian state actors, disinformation and espionage infiltration. Navigating wartime diplomacy, fake Russian mayors and wanna be war lords. The OSINT operation and tools behind the article by Vice and Motherboard which evacuated over 1000 students.