Hiring Ground BSidesTLV 2019 Hiring Ground

BSidesTLV 2019 Hiring Ground - 24.6 10:00-16:00

This is the first year we are doing our BSidesTLV “Hiring Ground”. We are doing our best to have a wonderful event, but please make allowances for any mistakes we might make. Our hope is that this part of the event will be focused on helping members of our community find their next positions, and connect them with potential employers.


The hiring ground will operate at the 24.6 from 10:00-16:00, and be freely accessible to all.

Two workshops will be held during the event in class 003: CV and LinkedIn workshops. In the remaining time the class can be shared for conducting more private interviews, outside the main hall.

CV Workshop - 24.6 10:00am

This 90m workshop will allow community members the opportunity to have a professional review their CV, talk with hiring managers about their experience and share any tips for getting the first, or any role in the security industry.

LinkedIn Workshop - 24.6 14:30

This workshop will be focused on understanding how recruiters use LinkedIn and how you can improve your chances by having a more accurate and relevant profile. The workshop will be roughly one hour long, with time for Q&A.