During BSidesTLV 2024, we will offer an embedded security research workshop using wokwi.com. The workshop is suitable for all levels. Curious? To participate you must first solve our puzzle

We have very limited seats for the workshop and will honor signups in order.

Details and signup on this page

Wokwi for Embedded System Security Research

Session details

Wokwi is an embedded system simulation tool that runs entirely in your browser / VSCode. Wokwi is well known in the Maker / professional embedded development space and has many useful capabilities for embedded security research.

This workshop is intended to introduce Wokwi and its capabilities for security research. In the workshop, we introduce Wokwi capabilities, which are helpful for security research, and demo their use. These features include the Wokwi Logic analyzer, debugger, Profiler, WIFI Simulation, and packet capture.

The Workshop will include short exercises that help the participants understand the use cases in which these capabilities will be useful.

In order to participate, you will need free gitpod.io and wokwi.com accounts. Make sure to sign up before the workshop by solving our challenge.

Speakers details

Benny Meisels

Lead Solution Architect @ CYMOTIVE

Benny Meisels is a security architect with 10 years of security research experience in Both IT and embedded systems. In his current role Benny is the Lead Solution Architect at CYMOTIVE. He enjoys figuring out how complex systems operate and how to improve their design. His research topics include embedded software security, automotive architecture security, and HW security. After work hours Benny enjoys long walks and working on electronic conference badges. For the past 5 years, Benny has been working in CYMOTIVE on automotive research and architecture.



Uri Shaked

Maker@Wokwi and Chippin'@Tiny TapeoutUri Shaked is a long-time maker. He’s currently working on Wokwi.com, an online IoT and embedded systems simulation platform, and on Tiny Tapeout, making custom ASIC manufacturing affordable and accessible.