2023 CTF

Sponsored by: Correlium


Over 48-hours!

Winner announcement on June 29th, during our event

CTF starts in:


The CTF is played on the CTFd platform, you will need to register yourself and join a team in order to play (you can be a member of a single player team)


Rules and Guidelines

  1. Remote participation is allowed (for all teams) this year
  2. We only allow physically present teams to claim a prize, make sure a member of your team is in the announcement ceremony!
  3. We will contact winners using the email registered at the CTF Website. Use an email you monitor.
  4. This is a game, play fairly - we reserve the right to disqualify participants (and we came pretty close to do that in the past)
  5. Each team may be made of one or more individuals
  6. The CTF challenges are containerized and scalable, as such most web challenges use a sticky cookie called ‘BSidesTLV’ please make sure to work with sessions to retain access to the same container
  7. For any persistency challenges with files, please note that we do an hourly cleanup of large and old files.
  8. Team recommended size is 5 (limited to 10)
  9. Note: You must use the BSidesTLV cookie for the challenges to work properly if it is supplied (it is not part of the CTF just part of the infrastructure)
  10. We usually keep the challenges alive for a couple more (~1 week) days after the event to enable write-ups

You’re invited to join our Slack channel, or follow us on social media: @BSidesTLV_CTF

please check this page for any updates prior to the competition


Do I have to be a member of a team to participate?

No, you can register as a team of one member

Is the CTF aimed at beginners?

some of the challenges will be in beginner level, some on expert level. try solving from the lower scores working up

Are there binary exploitation challenges in the CTF?

yes. yes there are

When does registration end?

Registration ends at the end of the contest

What is the flag format?

The valid flag format is: “BSidesTLV2023{…}”

Will you release the code/containers/VM after the CTF

Yes, plan to release our entire repo

Our Team

Tomer Zait
CTF Lead
Arie Haenel
Moti Markovitz
David Hai Gootvilig
Aviya Erenfeld
Outside The Asylum
Lonely At The Top
Aviv Yahav
Zen(d) Master
Guy Barnhart-Magen
CTF Team
Moral Support
Nimrod Levy
CTF Team
Amit Huri
Israel Erlich
Yaakov Cohen
Opa Opa Opa Opa Hei
Leakage Brothers... Leakage
Tomer Laor
Leakage Brothers... Leakage
Osher Bello
Matter Bernhard
Strange Traffic
The dog ate my QR!
Gal Goldshtein
Take Me to Prom
Daniel Abeles
Take Me to Prom
Ben Salem
Back To The Future
Aviv Cohen
Opa Opa Opa Opa Hei
David Yona
Opa Opa Opa Opa Hei
Artur Avetisyan
Gamma Authentication
Aviv Avraham Levy
Breaking The Vault: Uncover the Secrets
Sharon Brizinov
Israel Rubin